Photography Kevin Fleming on 17 Dec 2010

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Thank you for making Wild Delaware the First State’s #1 bestselling book. My new book Wild Delmarva is out now and like Wild Delaware, Wild Delmarva features wildlife and nature across the First State and the peninsula. If you liked Wild Delaware you will love Wild Delmarva!

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Thank you! Kevin Fleming

Photography Kevin Fleming on 09 Nov 2008


Thank you for making Wild Delaware the state’s #1 bestselling book!  You can order autographed, first edition copies of Wild Delaware here and you will receive four free signed lithographs with each book.  Fedex ground shipping FREE!.  Just click on “Order Wild Delaware” above or call 800-291-7600.

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Salisbury • Barnes & Noble across from the Salisbury Mall

Thanks to everyone for ordering Wild Delaware! 

What people are saying about Wild Delaware…

“WOW!  The book is glorious!”  Beverly

“Feel like a kid at Christmas…”  April

“For anyone needing an especially nice gift for the nature lover on their list – this is the best choice! I just ordered this book this week for a Christmas gift for my mother (a nature lover) and recieved it the next day. It is astounding! Now I don’t want to part with it; but I guess I can always request her to leave it to me in her will. It is truly a remarkable collection of photography.” Patti

“I’d never have thought it possible, BUT….the Wild Delaware book exceeded even my greatest expectations.  It is an absolute treasure and it will be one of our most special possessions always.”  Pat

“Kevin, It’s glorious.  And the quotations I wasn’t expecting.  They bring tears to my eyes.  THANK YOU!!!”  Beth

“We received the books and prints today, exactly as you promised, and we are absolutely thrilled with them!”  Mary Lou and Norm

“I just received a copy of your book and I can’t think of any word in my vocabulary to describe how beautiful your images are. The whole publication is extremely impressive. I look forward to spending more time with it and reading all the essays. Thank you so much for the signed copy, I really appreciate it.”  Bill

“Kevin Fleming’s passion and commitment are clearly evident in his “Wild Delaware” images. It was no small task to get out there before dawn so many times, often in inhospitable weather, with heavy cameras and lenses and tripods. But Kevin’s effort has resulted in some of the finest images he’s ever published in his long journalistic career. He has visually captured what so many residents love about the natural areas that surround us.”  Terry Plowman, Editor Delaware Beach Life magazine

Wild Delaware on WBOC and NBC10 television…

Wild Delaware was recently featured on WBOC-TV from Salisbury and NBC10 from Philadelphia.  Click on this link to see the WBOC report:

Photography Kevin Fleming on 24 Oct 2008

a beautiful morning

Looking back over the past year of photographing Wild Delaware one sunrise at Gordons Pond stands out as the most beautiful combination of great light and great wildlife. The sky was clear overhead but there was a thin blanket of fog hanging over the pond filtering early light. Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and an assortment of gulls crowded into the shallows of the pond having a fishing frenzy. They were so focused on fishing I was able to get very close to the action.

If you are in the Lewes area this Saturday (October 25th) you can see these photographs and a sneak preview of the book Wild Delaware at the Peninsula Gallery between 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Hope to see you there…




Photography Kevin Fleming on 20 Oct 2008

Jeffrey A. Gordon’s Bird Chapter in Wild Delaware

Jeffrey A. Gordon is a tour leader and frequent speaker at birding festivals all over North America. He writes for Bird Watcher’s Digest and other publications and is the coordinator for the Delaware Birding Trail. His latest project is a series of video podcasts released in conjunction with the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America this past August 2008.

For Wild Delaware Jeff has written a chapter taking the reader through a year in the life of First State birds. When you read Jeff’s chapter you will learn about our migratory birds, some are in Delaware for just a few days every year, our pelagic birds (birds that live at sea) and our resident birds both common and rare.Here’s a sneak preview of Jeff’s “Year in Flight” chapter.





Photography Kevin Fleming on 10 Oct 2008

Wild Delaware Sneak Preview

If you have been following my daily progress shooting Wild Delaware over the past year you already know this a photography book. What you might not know is that I have asked Delaware’s top wildlife experts and writers to contribute to the book. The more I learned about animal behavior the more I knew I should leave the writing of this book to the experts. Jeffrey A. Gordon knows more about birds than I could hope to learn in a lifetime. The same is true of Bill McAvoy with plants, Jim White with reptiles and Derek Stoner with mammals. Dr. Jean Woods’s knowledge of the science of nature is exceptional. I hope when you read their essays you will be inspired to go into the wild and find these creatures for yourself.

When you read Jennifer Ackerman’s Great Marsh essay (sneak preview below) you will almost be able to smell the salt marsh and hear a whippoorwill. She paints incredible pictures with her words.

So, if you have already ordered Wild Delaware you will have your books in November. If you have not ordered already I urge you to do so now. There are still signed and numbered, first edition books available that include the four beautiful free prints.







Photography Kevin Fleming on 11 Aug 2008

dragonfly day

Sunrise quickly disappeared behind the clouds this morning and a mist fell over the Great Marsh near Lewes making a damp start to the day for the dragonflies.


Russet-tipped Clubtail dragonfly


Great Blue Skimmer dragonfly

Photography Kevin Fleming on 10 Aug 2008

not an itsy, bitsy spider

Meet the Argiope aurantia commonly known as the Black and Yellow Garden Spider. These large spiders – the female can grow to three inches in diameter – are fairly common along the edge of wetlands and open fields in Delaware. Their large webs can be more than two feet across.


Photography Kevin Fleming on 07 Aug 2008

trussum pond

Delaware has some of the northernmost Bald Cypress trees in the nation and the best place to see these stately trees is Trussum Pond near Laurel. Bald Cypress trees can live for hundreds of years and the wood is valued for its water and rot resistance. There are many old Delaware homes as early as the colonial period covered with cypress shingles.


Photography Kevin Fleming on 04 Aug 2008

ruby red

The most difficult part of wildlife photography is not the photography but knowing where wildlife will be and then getting close. And it always helps when you get a great tip.  Today a friend invited me today to watch the action at his hummingbird feeder. Sure enough, within just a few minutes a tiny male Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrived for a taste of nectar. At less than four inches long and with wings that beat 53 times per second, this little bird can both hover and fly backwards. The Ruby-throated is the only species of hummingbird that breeds in Delaware.


Photography Kevin Fleming on 04 Aug 2008

monarch in the morning

I have been working on my new book Wild Delaware for almost a year now and I have photographed an incredible menagerie of wildlife, insects and plants. But the relatively common Monarch Butterfly had eluded me until this morning. The “Monarch” gets its regal name because “it is one of the largest butterflies and rules a vast domain,” according to Samuel H. Scudder who first published the name in 1874.


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